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LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор
LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор

LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор


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Производител: LIVEUP
Шифра на производ: LS3662
Достапност (кол. на залиха): Out Of Stock
LIVEUP Еластично јаже со отпор
Allows the user to develop functional aspects such as acceleration, jumps and abrupt changes of direction. If you are training sprint,or martial arts then flash start is essential for you. Training Rope LS3662 by LiveUp has been developed to the purpose. The resistance rope provides an excelent tool for your quick start training as well help you to build your butt, arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, depepends how to set up it. The metal carabiners on the rope can be stacked in any combination. The rope does not take up too much space and is easy to carry with you anywhere in carry bag. You can use any place to your personal gym with the resistance rope and exercise anywhere and anytime you want whether you are at home, office, or in travel. The rope is made of the high quality latex with the best elasticity, it is possible to stretch 250 cm long rope up to 750 cm. Training Rope LS3662 covered in nylon sleeve have great toughness and provides anti-snap protection, therefore you can use maximum resistance that allows you the best fitness experience. The sleeve also protects latex rope from body oils and sweat. Use the resistant rope for various kind movements. Devise your own movements and arrange own training program with Training Rope.

Warning: Be careful when use it. The rope can jerk you back, if you stand unstable.

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